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About Finding Katy: A Memoir

The author is a fine art needle artist who began writing about her childhood after suffering a back injury. Having finished one story, she found others lying in wait. Her writing became part of the process of connecting experiences and inherent gifts.

She explored her life as

  • a child whose father was a survivor of the Czarist pogroms of 1905, and who did not want his offspring to carry on the family trade with needle and thread.
  • a child whose mother, denied a basic education because she herself was the child of immigrants, did everything possible to right the course for her children.
  • a child who grew up a twin in post-World War II America with an Eastern European heritage.
  • a strong-willed individual who finely honed her sensibilities and learned to form a creative life focused on harvesting elements of nature, culture, religion, and craft.

The stories, emotional and spiritual, are told with authenticity and atmosphere as they took place in the 1940's and early 1950's in Baltimore and in the mid-1950's and early 1960's in Miami Beach and North Miami Beach, Florida. They are remembered as the author lived her adult life in New York City and Fair Lawn, New Jersey, and in her travels, including Tel Aviv, Israel, and Milan and Como, Italy.

©  2005 by Kay Faye Fialkoff. All rights reserved.
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